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AUTHENTIC Lambretta Scooter For Sale

1966 Innocenti Lambretta SX200


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  • - Sale Type: Client Sale
  • - Superb True Italian SX200 with Great History
  • - Frame Number: SX200 841926
  • - Engine Number: SX200 837721
  • - Used By Liam Gallagher for the opening of 'Pretty Green' . Please 'Read More' for the full history
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Regarding the SX History:- The Scooter was bought from Dave Wyburn. Also known as 'The Quadrophenia Kid'. This is very relevant to the history of this scooter. One specific point of interest is that he discovered and restored one of the 'Sting' scooters used in the film Quadrophenia. Through Dave’s interest/hobby in the scooter/mod scene and his specialist subject the film Quadrophenia, Dave subsequently developed a relationship with Liam Gallagher (Photo of Dave and Liam taken in Brighton shown). As a result of his relationship with Liam, Dave became Liam’s Go to Guy for any scooter related requests for his clothing label Pretty Green. In fact Dave supplied all of the scooters for the Pretty Green Launch Party which was held at the Gore Hotel in London. When it came to the opening of the Pretty Green store in Carnaby street, Liam contacted Dave and asked him to assist with the opening of the shop by providing a couple of scoots. Paul Weller was going to endorse one of the Pretty Green ranges called “Peacock” and hence Dave was specifically commissioned to provide a well ‘Modded’ (full lights and mirrors and more) scooter as 'Peacockish' as possible for the launch. He acquired a suitable scooter from an individual in Stockton on Tees. As far as I understand it this individual imported the scoot from Italy in 2007 and did the restoration job including the painting in the current colours and Dave added the seat, lights, mirrors and all other accessories including the winged angel which still adorns the headset. The plan was that Dave would provide the scoot and meet Paul for him to ride the scooter down Carnaby Street to the new store and park it up as part of the launch etc, etc, etc…..As Paul Weller favourite scoot is a SX200 Dave acquired one and 'Modded it' up as requested. On the day Paul Weller never showed up which Liam was apparently most pissed off about. Dave therefore rode the scoot to the front of the store and here are a couple of official photos of the scoot on the launch day. On the day Dave asked Liam to sign the scoot which he did. The top headlight casing has been taken off to preserve the signature.All of the lights and mirrors etc made the scoot a trifle unstable to ride so they were taken off and were auctioned for the British Legion Poppy appeal in 2018. Image shown of the flyer advertising the two racks……